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This traditional Oriya song relates the sadness in Braj at Krishna's departure. You have left your flute and taken up the shanka, chakra, padma and gada. I have found you in Puri temple but I'm afraid to say anything to you here because of the pundits. You who carried the Govardhan Mountain have left the flowers withered, the cows, creepers and deer in viratra. Buildings that reached the moon have crumbled, Yashoda rolls on the ground with grief, and Nanda seeks your happiness blinded by tears. And of Radha, what can I say? How could you leave her in such sadness?

Choreography by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra

music composition by Bhubaneswar Misra

Announcing Summer Intensive Odissi Workshop after 2 year gap! Beginners and intermediate/advanced. 10 days from June 12-21, both online and in person in Delhi!
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